Wedding Film | Ariana & Sean

Press play to watch Ariana and Sean's Celebrations by the Bay Wedding preview! 

The Story told by Ariana:

We met in college back in 2010. 6 years later, we are happily engaged and living in beautiful apartment in Annapolis, MD. Sean proposed on March 27th, 2015. He told me that he wanted to go to Ocean City, MD for the weekend. On the way, we stopped for dinner in Kent Island, and continued to OCMD. Sean's phone went off on the way there and I reached for it to help read it while he was driving, he grabbed it from me (since he thought someone might be texting him about the proposal), I thought that was weird. Once we arrived at the Hilton (I thought that was weird too - we usually stay in crappy motels during the summer), we went up to our room. Sean asked if I wanted to go for a walk on the beach, which didn't sound inviting to me since it was 10:30 PM and cold and windy outside, so I declined. Then he told me to stop being a pansy, I'm no pansy, so I agreed. We walked outside of our room and Sean said he had to go grab his wallet (weird). Of course I questioned this... "why do you need your wallet for a walk on the beach at 10:30 PM at night?"..."Someone might be selling flowers on the beach" (good answer, very believable). So I said I would walk in and grab my phone too (little did I know I just ruined his plans to put the warm bottle of champagne in the fridge). We then walked outside onto the beach and I asked if we could go back inside - too cold. While walking back inside, Sean turned to me and took my hands. He said that the reason he brought me down here was because he wanted to spend his life with me, then he dropped to one knee (this part is a little blurry - I think I blacked out for a while), and asked me to marry him and I said YES. Afterwards, we walked back to our room to enjoy our warm champagne. Happiest moment of my life.