Wedding Photography | Brittany & Brad

Happy Wedding Wednesday! As I prepare to kick off "busy season" starting with a trip up to Maryland, I am reminded how much I love the Eastern Shore. Brad and Brittany's wedding took place in the cutest little town of St. Michaels, Maryland. You need to go if you haven't been. It was a day full of big smiles and a romantic setting on the Miles River. The ceremony was led by Brittany's very own brother and took place as the sun started to set. I couldn't get over how cute these two were as they danced the night away under the stars! 

For the love of pizza! A few words from the beautiful bride...

How did you and Brad meet? 

BB-  We met at the University of Maryland. Brad was setting up a cheerleading competition and I was working it since I was a UMD Cheerleader. I went up to Brad and asked, "Are you Mr. Brainer's son?" We talked, ate pizza together (should have known it was true love then) and about 3 years later he asked me on a date.

How did he propose?

BB- We ate dinner at Tony's (pizza, of course), then walked the beach in Ocean City until we were in front of my childhood condo on first street. Brad dropped my ring in the sand, panicked a little, then standing on two feet with the box closed and in my face he asked, "Will you be my wifey?"  Wouldn't have wanted it any other way :)

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