Stephanie Packett

Have a chance to check out my latest headshot? I have this Up Dos For I Dos hairstylist to thank for helping to make me feel absolutely beautiful! Her name is Stephanie Packett,  a 24 yr old licensed cosmetologist/stay at home mom. Stephanie graduated from The Temple: A Paul Mitchell Partner School in Frederick, MD. She's had her license for over 4 years & has worked in the beauty industry since the age of 16. I'm so happy to highlight this beautiful talent and loved having the opportunity to take her headshot! 


"I love that I can be part of one of the most important days in someone's life. It's such a gift to be able to make someone feel beautiful & to be trusted with your passion. I also love to do freelance work for other special events and photography. I am completely obsessed with fashion, coffee, working out, & everything makeup & beauty. I truly feel blessed that I get to do what I love & make a living from it!" -Stephanie