"Buried Alive" Music Video!

A good friend of mine from Film School, 

Nick Ruff, 

called me up one day and asked if I could Assistant Direct a music video with him. I said sure! Nick is a very talented Filmmaker, so I knew whatever he was working on would look amazing. The music video was for Diego Heat, a local rapper in the Orlando, Florida area. I was excited; it has been a while since I have dabbled in Assistant Directing (AD-ing). Most people have this misconception about AD-ing. They assume that you are helping the Director to creatively direct each scene. In fact it’s not at all like that.


The duties of an AD include: setting the shooting schedule, tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule, arranging logistics, preparing daily call sheets, checking the arrival of cast and crew, maintaining order on the set, rehearsing cast, and directing extras. Pretty much paperwork and bossing people around :P


The day before the shoot I met up with Nick and Diego to discuss the days ahead. I was going into the meeting blind, but we got most of the preplanning done that day.

Check out my Behind the Scenes Video I splashed together… Oh ya, we were in the exact studio BSB recorded at! WHAT!!! lol

So you see, as an AD, you are constantly producing and keeping everyone on track and on time. I have learned that nothing ever goes as planed. Two minutes into a shoot, my shooting schedule already has scribbles, arrows and notes all over it. The "Buried Alive" shoot was a 2 day, 12 hours a day shoot. We had five sweet locations all over Orlando and 8 people for talent, including me. I ended up being the “secretary” last minute. I am no actor, but I think I did a pretty good job! Lol. The show must go on!

Now for the crew! Nick Ruff was the Director and Editor for the video; he also filmed on a Panasonic HVX. The 1 st day of the shoot I got to meet our other two camera guys, 

Travis Blackwell and 

Michael Dalton

I had a great time meeting with other artists during the 3 days in Orlando. Check out the Music Video!

. Travis also had an HVX and Michel used a Cannon 7d. Having 3 cameras helped the filming possess go by faster in some ways.

Crew Pic!