As a new Art Director to the industry, it was a exciting experience working with Montana Pritchard. We came up with the concept of “The Exposure of Virtue” in Montana’s studio after a long day of work. We knew we wanted something soft and beautiful, and luckily we had three beautiful girls respond to our casting call. Mellissa, Danielle and Cheyenne all possessed the mood of the vision we wanted to portray.


I wanted to put together an interesting set that wouldn’t take away from their natural beauty. Themes for the set: Texture and white. Options: fake snow and comforter stuffing. The winner? 4 rolls of comforter stuffing! Dressing the set took a few hours; we weren’t getting the right vibe from the three walls of texture, so we settled on using the corner of two walls for the background. Meanwhile our models were in hair and makeup.


Kristin Brown did a fabulous job with hair and makeup on Cheyenne and Melissa. The makeup was soft, with a splash of pink. Cheyenne’s hair was in a tousled bun, Melissa had a ballerina bun and Danielle had loose ringlets. All three girls were powdered down with baby powder from head to toe. I also took behind the scenes video for your enjoyment! Montana’s assistant, Lauren took great behind the scenes pictures. The day was amazing, with creative individuals.

The Exposure of Virtue by Angeline Myers on Vimeo.

Music By: MSI  --  Photos By: Montana Pritchard